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Shenzhen Sunbow Insulation Materials MFG. Co., Ltd, established in 2003, mainly engaged in the research & development, manufacture and sale of various insulation sleeving. And we had leading R&D engineers, had a batch of advantageous equipment and testing instruments. Now we had excess of 10 independent patents, gained high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen.

Our main products include fiberglass sleeving, silicone rubber tube, PVC tube, heat shrink tube, PTFE/FEP tube and so on. All our fiberglass sleeving had been obtained the UL and CSA certificates in 2010 (Cert No: E333178--UZIQ2, VW-1 for flame resistance requirement & E333177--UZFT2/8, 200C, 600V for thermal resistance requirement); Our heat shrink tube, silicone rubber tube and PTFE tube had been obtained UL certificate in 2013 (Cert. No. E360625); PVC tube had been obtained the UL certificates In in Apr.2014 (Cert.No.E467953); In May. 2012, our products successfully had been passed CQC test (Certificate No. CQC12134072554). It provides security for domestic and foreign home appliance supplier in Chinese mainland market. Till now, we are the only one fiberglass sleeving manufacturer which obtained UL, CSA, and CQC certificates. Also we are the only one manufacturer which can provide certificates for all color and maximum size range (from 0.55mm to 25.4mm). Also all our products are in conformance with the European RoHS requirements, furthermore, based on European new requirements, we re-applied and obtained German PFOA and PFOS certificates and European Reach report.


Our products are widely used in H&N Motor, home appliance, electric heating equipment, Lighting, electronic instruments, wiring harness, transformer, power adapter, communication equipment, high/low voltage power distribution complete equipment, petrochemical industry, coal-mining industry, electric system and space flight and aviation area etc.

Due to business expansion, our factory moved to Gongming   street, Guangming New District in Shenzhen. It occupies nearly 10,000 square meters. We successfully passed ISO9001:2008 and TS16949 international quality management system, now ISO14001 system is also pushing.


Over the years, we have been enjoying good reputation in our industry by adhering to the business philosophy of “Faith, Practical, and Responsive.” We also get supports and trusts from many international well-known enterprises. Thanks greatly for so many help and cooperation from our partnership, such as  Philips , Whirlpool, Conair, Emerson, GE,Black & Decker, SEB, ABB, Schneider, Siemens, Electrolux, Toshiba, Panasonic, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Samsung, China's Huawei, Haier, CRRC, and many other famous enterprises’ trust directly and indirectly ; Furthermore, as the second level supplier for automotive system, Sunbow products have been indexed in IMDS. We also have successfully become the qualified supplier for Volvo, Land-Rover, GM, Honda, Suzuki , Nissan, Hyundai and so on.

We know that our task is long-term and arduous, but opportunities are aside with challenges. We “Sunbow” people will take on a new look and work hard to provide our customers the best quality products, first-rate service, the most competitive price and the most reliable technical supports. Return to our customers, return on the community.

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1). Established in Oct. 2003, Sunbow is mainly engaged in research & development,

 manufacture and sale 

of various kinds of insulation sleeving. Such as fiberglass sleeving, PTFE tube, 

silicone rubber tube, PE 

heat shrink tube and PVC tube etc.


2). Due to expansion in business, Sunbow factory moved to Sunbow Industrial Park, 

2nd Industrial Zone, 

Xiacun Community, Gongming , Guangming New District, Shenzhen 


3). In Oct. 2008, Sunbow achieved success of general taxpayer qualification (Namely

 Sunbow can open 

17% VAT invoices by ourselves.)


4). In Oct. 2009, Sunbow achieved success in ISO 9001:2008 quality management 

system certification.


5). In Feb. 2010, Sunbow successfully obtained UZIQ2: E333178 safety certificate 

by UL lab for fiberglass 

sleeving coated silicone resin.


6). On June, 2010, Sunbow set a new branch office in Hong Kong. It named HONG  




7). On Aug. 2010, Sunbow applied for import and export , Sunbow has independent 

rights for import 

and export.


8). In Nov. 2010, the registered trademark of Shenzhen Sunbow Insulation Materials 

MFG. CO., LTD was 

approved entry to force.


9). On Feb. 2011, Sunbow obtained American UZFT2: E333177 certificate and 

Canadian CSA 

UZFT8:333177 certificate for fiberglass sleeving coated silicone resin.


10). On Jan. 2013, Sunbow successfully obtained YDPU2: E360625 safety certificate 

by UL lab for PE 

shrinkable tubing, PTFE tubing and silicone rubber tubing.


11). On Apr. 2014, Sunbow successfully obtained YDQS2: E467953 safety certificate by

 UL alb for PVC 



12). In May, 2015, Sunbow successfully gained TS16949 certificate for automobile industry.

Shenzhen Sunbow Insulation Materials MFG. CO., LTD Shenzhen Sunbow Insulation Materials MFG. CO., LTD Shenzhen Sunbow Insulation Materials MFG. CO., LTD Shenzhen Sunbow Insulation Materials MFG. CO., LTD Shenzhen Sunbow Insulation Materials MFG. CO., LTD
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Brands : SUNBOW

No. of Employees : 100~200

Annual Sales : 5,000,000-8,000,000

Year Established : 2003

Export p.c : 50% - 60%


Our Products Have Passed Many Certificates.

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